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time-strapped parents.

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Meet the Founders!

Nick Reed & Ian Shaw

Founders of RyzeUP Fitness

Nick and Ian have almost 20 years of experience collectively working in the health and wellness industry. They have worked with people from all walks of life, but found they connect especially well with busy working parents.

This group was created to help show busy parents efficient strategies that they can implement TODAY so that they can feel their absolute best, have the confidence they've always dreamed of and finally have enough energy to keep up with their kids.

When you join this group you will have direct access to two coaches who have one major thing in common. Helping you get in the best shape of your life!

This group was created as a safe place where parents can come to connect and interact with each other in a JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE and discuss the best practices for getting in shape while being a busy parent. With our help, you won’t have to worry about ever picking up the phone call from your doctor saying they need more information before prescribing medication for anxiety or depression again.

Never stress over being tired all the time because of lack of sleep or not having enough energy for daily activities like taking care of yourself or playing with your kids. Rest easy knowing RyzeUP Fitness will take care of all your fitness needs for you!

Join our group of like-minded moms and dads who are tired of feeling exhausted all the time. We teach you how you can get fit without spending hours in the gym or giving up your favorite foods!

Our members share recipes, workouts, motivation hacks, and more on our Facebook page every day. And if you ever need help finding something new to try out - just ask one of our experts! They love sharing their knowledge about fitness with others. Come see what everyone is talking about today!

Here’s what you’ll get when you join our Facebook Group

Weekly Workout- Come get your sweat on with our weekly zoom workouts! You don't need any equipment, just bring yourself.

Weekly Cooking Tips- Learn how to be efficient in the kitchen with our weekly cooking tips and recipe breakdowns.

Access to an Incredible and Supportive Community - Join a group of people who are on the same path you are. Trying to become the best versions of themselves so they can be the absolute best example to their kids!

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