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Parents and entrepreneurs are some of the busiest people out there. They're constantly juggling a million different balls, and their to-do lists never seem to get any shorter. As a result, it can be difficult to find time to focus on their own health and fitness.
We have the
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On top of that, figuring out how to attain their dream physique can feel nearly impossible

Nick Reed and Ian Shaw

RyzeUP Fitness Co-Founders

That’s why we created the Lean Muscle Program, so you can build the sexy physique of your dreams. This is an intense program that requires a little more time commitment than many of our other programs, but if you’re serious about creating a physique that you can truly be proud of then you are in the right place!

Why join The Lean Muscle Program ?

The Lean Muscle Program is designed specifically for people who want to see real results and achieve the body they've always wanted. In this program you’ll build muscle, improve strength and increase your power.

Incredible Results in just 12 Weeks

With this program, you’ll see incredible results in just 12 weeks. When you combine our structured muscle-building workout plan with our calorie-surplus nutrition plan, you’ll be well on your way to the body you’ve always wanted.

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Your habits determine your future

If this program seems a little intimidating, that’s okay, we have other options for you! You can always check out any of our other programs (check out the Starting Fat-Loss Program or the Habit Transformation Program if you’re just getting started), but if you're ready to fully commit and finally build the lean and muscular body you've always wanted, then this is the program for you!

What our previous members have to say about the Program!
Both Ian and Nick were always available for questions, suggestions, and modifications. They were knowledgeable, passionate, and perhaps most importantly, they were patient. They both understood, on a personal level, what the journey was all about as both have struggled with their own health and fitness goals. This eight week program set me up to take the next steps to reach my next highest level of potential on my own. I cannot recommend RyzeUp Fitness enough.
Lauryn L.
Nick and Ian got me eating better and feeling better. I've saved a bunch of money by starting to cook my meals at home, and the quality of my meals have improved nutritionally. Physically this is the best that I have felt since leaving college. My legs aren't in pain and feel as if they are balanced and firing appropriately. I feel as though I have the tools to move forward and continue growing! Thank you.
Eugene S.
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