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Week 1 Task Tracker

Nick Reed March 1, 2023

Now is your opportunity to check back in and assess how your week went. Self reflection is a critical component to being successful with any venture and that is why we have implemented it so regularly within the program!

Being able to track your progress will allow you to have a form of self accountability that you will not get with a lot of other programs out there. Remember the goal is to shoot for progress over perfection. The goal is to become 1% better every day and if you’re doing that then you’re winning.

Friendly reminder, if you didn’t accomplish one of the tasks this week, that is ok! Try to catch up when you can. Don’t let missing a few things send you into a downward spiral. If you fall short, acknowledge that there is room for improvement and then strive to level up the following week!

You have the framework, foundation and all of the guidance that you need to succeed, now all you have to do is execute!